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Back in 2005 our music studio of 350 students was receiving 3-5 inquiries a month from parents wanting to sign their 3, 4 or 5 year old children up for piano lessons. We were reluctantly turning these students away for lack of a real program to teach piano to very young children.


Around the same time, we were being inundated online and in the print media with studies highlighting the many benefits of music, and specifically piano, on the developing brain of preschool children.

So, armed with Andrea’s musical genius and creativity, and my experience as a primary teacher and learning support specialist, we set out to develop a piano program designed specifically for preschoolers.

The result was WunderKeys Piano For Preschoolers. Our unique blend of music and math nourishes the intellectual and creative minds of young children.

WunderKeys bucks the trend of group music classes for preschoolers. Been there, done that! Young children have many opportunities to participate in group music lessons. We have created something different… a real-deal, one-on-one piano program, that keeps preschoolers excited, motivated, and begging to learn more!

I hope you’ll join us on our journey and enrich the lives of preschoolers everywhere.

Andrea and Trevor Dow

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